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MAYFIELD VILLAGE, Ohio, May 3, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Today's news cycle moves faster than ever, with readers demanding immediate information with no room for error.  Progressive recently launched a brand-new Newsroom, designed to provide reporters with the right information at their fingertips day or night.

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Information will be updated regularly, so visitors who find interesting content are encouraged to sign up for alerts – a maximum of two emails a month - and/or check in often.

Here are some of the categories you'll see in the Newsroom.

  • Latest news about Progressive and its products and services and recent coverage of Progressive: This includes press releases, spotlight stories and anything members of the media post about products and services and employees.
  • Custom assets created for reporters: The new site contains news-centric fact sheets to help reporters get the correct information whenever they need it.
  • Media-ready images and videos: Downloadable images and videos are readily available on the newsroom for reporters to utilize in stories.
  • Commercials: If you love Flo or Jamie, or any of our other cast of characters, you can check out what's out there.

Progressive recognizes that no two days are the same in the world of news. That's why this new newsroom will continuously evolve to provide reporters with the most interesting and relevant content to share with their readers.

Please subscribe for the latest news on the newsroom: Anyone interested in receiving alerts when new content is posted can opt-in to receive e-mail with a link to content.

About Progressive

The Progressive Group of Insurance Companies makes it easy to understand, buy and use auto insurance.  Progressive offers choices so consumers can reach us whenever, wherever and however it's most convenient - online at, by phone at 1-800-PROGRESSIVE, on a mobile device or in-person with a local agent.

Progressive provides insurance for personal and commercial autos and trucks, motorcycles, boats, recreational vehicles, and homes. Home insurance is underwritten by select carriers, including American Strategic Insurance Corp. and subsidiaries (ASI), our majority owned subsidiaries.

Progressive is the fourth largest auto insurer in the country; a leading seller of motorcycle and commercial auto insurance; and through ASI, one of the top 20 homeowners insurance carriers

Founded in 1937, Progressive continues its long history of offering shopping tools and services that save customers time and money, like Name Your Price®, Snapshot® and HomeQuote Explorer®.

The Common Shares of The Progressive Corporation, the Mayfield Village, Ohio-based holding company, trade publicly at NYSE: PGR.


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